You believe your partner is having extramarital affair with someone else, but there is just no proof to justify that – and you don’t know how to find that proof.

How do you find out exactly what he is doing behind your back…and with who is he doing it?

Before you go any further though, realise that who he is cheating with might not be as important as looking for a solution in the first place. That other woman may just take a role of ‘the other woman’ or the role of ‘his escape’ from the marriage problem HE may be having.

With that in mind though, no one can decide whether or not you should find out more information about his extramarital affair. If you want to find out, read on.

1. The Third Party

I have put this first in the list as once you have a good guess on who the other woman he is having the extramarital affair with, it is a little easier for you to find out other clues such as where and when the meeting actually take place.

This is how you would find out.

You can put down few names that he has mentioned recently (especially female names). There will only be a few – and no doubt he has mentioned these names in conversation before. At the start of the affair, he wouldn’t have covered it up in any way – as normally affair is unplanned.

The third party more often than not has things in common with the cheating spouse – enough to get him into infatuation.

Note: It’s better if you don’t freak out or show your suspicion to him too much otherwise he would be much more careful in blurting out her name.

2. What are they doing?

Beside the actual extramarital affair intimacy, there must be something else that both he and this other woman have in common. Normally this is something that YOU don’t have in common with your spouse – and it becomes the affair’s connection.

This can be anything that you can think of – even including watching the footy in the stadium. If he and the other woman work in the same company, that can also be their common grounds.

3. Where is it?

Knowing him for a while you should have a fair idea on what he enjoys doing – without you. With this in mind you can also guess where those activities take place e.g. fishing in the lake and so on. Don’t forget, the physical things would also happen somewhere and the safest place sometimes is your own house or area.

He can also meet her around their workplace if they work together.

4. When is it?

Some women would ask me now: “If he dares to do it in MY OWN place – I live with him, WHEN?” especially if you’re hardly on holidays.

Ok, if you live with him he sure knows your schedule – or he may have been more interested in your activity and schedule lately. As he is very close with you, he knows exactly which ones of your schedule would likely go through versus the ones that you may cancel in the last minute.

Whether you like it or not, you will have fixed schedule such as ‘working late every Wednesday night’ or ‘Go out with the girls every Thursday night’. Some of them you just cannot get out of and he will use this very time to meet his significant other.

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