How about saving money by not celebrating every single birthday in your and your loved ones lives? Just imagined the amount you can save by not arranging birthday bashes or buying birthday gifts for your spouse, kids, parents, siblings and friends? Why not we just celebrate important or landmark birthdays? Let’s think what so special about 23rd, 37th or 14th birthday? What milestone you achieve by hitting 42 or 28? Let me give you some ideas about figuring out important and worth-a-celebration birthdays. 1st-9th: well you can’t be happier than cutting a cake and grabbing lots of gifts on your birthday. So as a kid, you should be given a chance to celebrate your birthday. 10th birthday: why not, after all you just entered the double figures. 11th-12th — absolutely NOT. You are no more a small kids. By the way, what’s so special about turning 11 and 12? 13th: Congrats, you are a teenager from today, and that definitely asks for a birthday bash. 14th – 15th: No need to waste time and money on these two birthdays. 16th: sweet sixteen brings you a lot along with the permission to drive. Go on, have a blast. 17th: obviously not, nothing special about being 17? 18th: Great birthday. You got the voting right. Have a party. 19th: Do enjoy this last teen birthday. 20th : go ahead, have a party, after all you enter your twenties. 21st: wow you are an adult, go hit the bars tonight. And after the 21st birthday, put a full stop on birthday celebration until you turn 30,40,50,60 and so on. If you are lucky enough to turn 90, you can again start celebrating every single birthday from then onwards. It’s a rare opportunity to turn 91, 92,93 and so on. So keep having parties on all the birthdays after 90. Best of luck for your 100th birthday.