A trip to the cinema is starting to become a hassle for two reasons. First, it costs a lot of money to pay one’s way in, not to mention the prices for refreshments are outrageous. Next, actually having the time to get to the cinema at specific times can pose a problem. Both situations can be solved with watching free movies online via several routes.

The Internet is just one big directory of movies and TV shows ready to be searched. With a few searches, virtually any movie can be found completely free. Most of the free movies and shows are likely to be older since directors are more likely to give out rights after the movie’s fame has died down. There are alternate routes to get free online movies, but the consumer may have to be bombarded with ads.

One of the best examples of how a TV show can be made available online for free is the case of the cartoon hit “South Park.” This series, which had a large following in its many years of ongoing episodes, was set loose on the Internet by directors. The catch: there are advertisements just like users would see when they watched the series on their TV sets. It isn’t such a bad tradeoff, considering the series can be watched without charge.

Copyright laws aren’t perfect in every country. In some cases, technicalities will be apparent that enable webmasters to put Hollywood movies online and offer them for free, without the fear of receiving a subpoena. It can sometimes still be illegal to watch such movies if the Internet user hails from a country with different copyright laws. It’s best to not watch movies from such sites if one isn’t aware of their country’s copyright laws.

Free movies also come from the recent craze in Internet pop culture: completing surveys and offers for free movie tickets and subscriptions to online rental services. This will often require the consumer to complete several different offers, in which the consumer receives a commission of profit. The commission eventually builds up to get the consumer a prize of their choice- in many cases, the prize will come in the form of straight cash or even subscriptions to services such as Netflix.

Independent films are the king in the free movie market. Thus, it’s good to check out an independent film every once in a while. Independent films don’t always have the best acting, actors, or directing- but some independent films have inspired Hollywood hits such as “Napolean Dynamite.” It’s always nice to check out such films to get away from the Hollywood Norm as well, and best of all, it’s free!

In Conclusion

Free entertainment online in the form of shows and movies is easy to find. Even box office hits can be found online for free in the right circumstances- just be prepared to wade through a few advertisements to get to it. In all actuality, it seems logical to go the ad route, as opposed to paying hefty sums of money for movie tickets and refreshments. The Internet is many things- but can now be known as a way to get free movie entertainment online.

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