The smart way how to watch YouTube

The smart way how to watch YouTube
Photo by Elina Fairytale from Pexels

YouTube has firmly settled in our lives, because there you can find videos on any topic and you can watch it not only with friends, but also with family. To make YouTube comfortable to watch, you can sign up for a premium subscription. It gives a number of advantages: offline video viewing, video without ads, background mode for viewing. But in addition to this subscription, there is also a family subscription, which is quite easy to connect. To do this, you will need to create a family group in Google. Members of this group must reside at the same address. It may not necessarily be your family members, you can also add your friends to this group, so you will save on subscription. Next, the administrator of this group goes to his profile on YouTube and issues a subscription for all of you.

You can share the YouTube Premium Family Price among all members of this group, which is much more profitable to do with friends than to buy an individual premium subscription.

A family subscription is not only beneficial for both family and friends, but also, in addition to the standard premium subscription options, it has its own features:

  • For each account added to the group: a separate library is created, a history of requests and views, and other members cannot view this information.
  • The group administrator, that is, the person who created it, can add and remove members, as well as send reminders and notifications.

It is not necessary to join all participants at once. You can add 1-2 people first, and then, if necessary, invite new people. The main thing is that the total number with you does not exceed 6 people. The YouTube premium family subscription allows you to connect only users over the age of 13.

Now you can enjoy watching videos on YouTube in the company also at a price that is pleasant for the wallet!