Everyone wants to get to stretch the dollar and make it work for him or her. Especially in these times of recession, it’s advisable to cut ion the unnecessary expenditure and save he money. After all this money can be used for making the mortgage payments (the threat of foreclosure is very real), pay back the existing loans and debts. Maybe we can even take the vacation that we wanted.

Its possible to feed a family on a budget

– Of course you would need a food budget. Tally all the expenses that you make on the food per month. This will give you an average food budget. Now divide this by 4 and you will get the weekly food budget. Its important that you feed a family on a budget that you have decided. Else you will be always running short of funds.

– The first thing that you need to do is to stop eating outside or at least reduce the frequency of eating outside. This will help you in feeding a family on a budget. Check your local newspapers, junk flyers as well as grocery receipts for restaurant coupons. A lot of corner food shops offer “1 on 1 offers”. This means that you get 1 meal free for every meal that you order.

– When you go to the grocery store, not every item may be a deal. You would need to know the normal food prices to compare. Compare and make savings and you could very easily be feeding a family on a budget.

– Look at the tag of each item and know what it costs per ounce or per pound. Compare the prices of the food in various grocery shops and you will know where to save your precious dollars. By doing comparison you could easily be feeding a family on a budget.

– Use the food coupons in a sale and you could be making substantial savings. Many a times when you use the food coupons without using in the sales, you could still end up paying more.

– Reuse your leftovers. Combine them into a tasty snack or finger foods. You could also use them for making some breakfast food as well as making them into a side dish. Stop throwing the food and you could easily be on your way to feeding a family on a budget. You can find a number of recipes on the Internet that tell you ways of using the leftover food creatively.

– Stop buying packaged and cola drinks. They are expensive, fattening and have no nutritional benefits. When you stop buying them, you stop using them and save yourself a lot on the food bill.

– Never go buying food when you are hungry cause you will end up buying things that you never required in the first place. This will increase your food bill. Moreover if you really need to shop, then do so with a grocery list. It saves you time, money and frequent trips to the supermarket or the grocery store.

Try incorporating these tips into your daily food habits and you would be able to meet your target of feeding a family on a budget.