That day is fast approaching. It’s the day she said “I do”, it’s the day your life intertwined with hers completely, officially; it’s also the day you have circled in red in all the calendars you own—just in case you forget it! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been married only a year, or if you’re looking forwards to celebrating your 25th wedding anniversary soon; you’re always going to have one question circling your mind when ever this day is soon to come.

The question? What to get as your wife’s anniversary gifts, of course! Because we sympathize with men all around our wonderful world, and because we know how confusing gift selecting can be, we’ve put together a few tips and present options that women all around the world has approved of.

Read ahead for our suggestions…!

Listen to the words

Whether its anniversary gifts or birthday gifts Dubai, unless you have of a habit of forgetting it, your wife knows you’re on the lookout for the perfect present. Most women have no problems telling their husband what they want and how they feel; but some, especially those new to being married, would rather prefer to drop hints instead. Listen carefully to her words. Women are especially talented at telling things, without even telling it!

Have you tried the classics yet?

Oh yes, there are classics in the world of presents too! Flowers and jewelry will definitely count as classics here. If you opt for flowers, remember that this is your anniversary gift and not a valentine’s gift. Try to go a little extravagant. A huge bouquet of flowers will work rather well if you’re away from home, and are not with her to spend your anniversary together. Send one to her office, and have one waiting for her when she gets back home.
Jewelry is another sure to like gift, which makes it a classic option. Pay attention to her likes; this will make it easy for you to select something she might actually wear. Though they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, not all women like walking around with the weight of it.

Give her the gift of “new”

With how busy we are in our day to day lives, it’s quite possible that your wife is yet to experience all that she wants to do in her life. Ask her (it’s ok, really!) if there’s anything she’d like to do as part of your anniversary gift. You’d be surprised, some women opt to go sky diving, to go for fine dining, to even a date in an amusement park. If it’s not something you wouldn’t normally enjoy, suck it in…don’t spoil it for her with your fake smiles.

Spending your entire day together alone may feel like a present; to both of you.