E-commerce has spread rapidly around the world and people have moved on to online purchases everywhere around the world. It is true that online shopping definitely has many advantages. Sometimes there is no shipping cost at all and all purchases are brought to your door step for your convenience. Therefore you have absolutely no cost at all in going from one shop to another looking for the best price and the quality. But there are certain products that may not deliver the expected results when purchased online. There are issues with shipping, handling and many other concerns related to certain goods making them impossible to be purchased online. Given are a few items that may not be effective online purchases.

Children’s shoes

Children grow up so fast and their shoe sizes can change very soon. It is always better to visit a store and have your child try the new shoe before making the purchase. Sometimes the child may not be comfortable with it and therefore may refuse to wear it putting all your money in waste. Therefore the best choice will be to visit a store and make the purchase than buying online.


When purchasing all sorts of cosmetics items such as body wash, face wash, hair spray, deodorant and very specially make up, and when you buy perfumes online there is a problem of testing them before the purchase. Sometimes make up items like foundation or blush, may not suit your skin color or skin type, according to the way it is advertised. Therefore it is always wise to visit the store, test the items and make the purchase rather than buying online.


There are florists nowadays who offer online services. But it is not very wise to purchase such a delicate item like flowers online as you cannot be assured about the handling and the level of concern of the couriers about your flowers. There could be damages and they might even charge additional handling charges which will make online purchasing more costly than visiting the store. Just as you buy perfumes online, there is no way that you could check the fragrance or the freshness of the flowers.


Another item that you must avoid buying online is furniture. The shipping charges may be very high for furniture items and with the increase in size, charges may also rise and thereby making online purchasing more costly. You cannot be assured of the quality, color or the material of the furniture unless you touch it, sit down on it and feel it.