Let’s ride together

Lets ride together
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What could be more romantic than a walk by the city in the evening? Ride on
folding electric scooters together! Movement on the scooter becomes extremely popular nowadays. More and more interested people appear with each season, as well as a huge number of new models of scooters and their different varieties. In order to understand which scooter to choose, you must first decide for whom and what exactly you are planning to buy it for, i.e. you need to choose the purpose of its use: traveling around the city (house-work-house), walk on day off in the park, extreme ride or sports.

In each category there are apparent or implicit leaders. Someone believes that there is a universal scooter, but, alas, there are no such. Still, for each task there should be your best scooter.

Of all the diversity of scooters, 6 main scooters groups can be distinguished: urban, tricky, electric zooms, off-road, footbakes and children’s.