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Music Services
Image by Daniel Peters from Pixabay

Mixing is, first of all, creating a holistic sound of the entire composition. At this stage, you can work out each element as subtly as possible, make high-quality equalization, adding various creative effects and spatial processing. We will professionally edit the tracks of your track. Let’s make it warm, dense, voluminous and natural sounding (without the “plastic” shade). This work cannot be done at the very stage of mastering.

Mastering is a set of processes designed to prepare a track for its final reference sound. The studio conducts diagnostics, carefully disassembles each of its sections, eliminates (as far as possible) mixing errors, aligns the dynamic and frequency characteristics. With the help of mastering, you can achieve maximum volume without losing quality. Audio recording will sound bright, clear and spacious on all music media.

Hip-hop music is new pop-music, so it is worth to notice that rap mixing and mastering services are extremely common these days.