How much have you been saving for your retirement? There’s people that don’t have any asset and they’re almost at retirement. There’s people that are paying rent from pay check to pay check. Some people get so bad to the point where they’ll end up living in a hotel because they can’t afford an apartment. The idea is to save early and save as much as you can.
The economy is so poor nowadays that you can’t afford to spend lavishly. Housing is on the rise and it’s best to have some extra savings. Young adults are not good at saving at all. She didn’t learn how to save or how to make more money. You can take a second job if your current job is not enough for you to survive.

How do you plan to save? You would make a budget each month of all of your expenses and save the rest of your money. you would make a list of bills you need to pay and subtract that out of your check. You would then calculate your rent, grocery, gas, shopping and social activity cost and subtract that out of your check. The goal is to at least 6 months for emergency. Plan to save at least 20% of your paycheck.

If your current job is not enough then you can get an extra job to pay for your expenses. There are many jobs out there you just have to work hard. Expenses are high nowadays and you need help. The living standard is rising instead of falling. You should learn to consolidate your life so that you can save more. Consolidating is when you simplify your life and put everything into one so that you can save. If you’re living on your own and pay 00 a month for rent you can try to move in with your family and they may not ask you for rent.

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You can move in with roommates to lower your cost. You can avoid unnecessary cost by paying for all of your bills on time. Sometimes the late fees and the over limit will take your entire paycheck if you have several of them. Staying away traffic tickets will save you some money too. Traffic tickets are around 0 each and it’s not pleasant trying to pay them. Every chance that you get to invest you should. You can invest in real estate, stocks, and business. You should find business opportunity to increase your income. It’s too late to start saving or wanting to work more at an older age. You should save when you’re still young and healthy.