We are all afraid of being rejected. Do men and women have the same opinion of rejection? The same idea about men being goal-oriented and needing an outcome applies to this scenario. Let’s say a man and woman have spent a mutually enjoyable evening flirting, with both parties enjoying a fun and exhilarating conversation. If the man leaves without a phone number or date, he feels rejected as for most men flirting is just a means to an end and not an activity to enjoy solely for the sake of it. Women, on the other hand, can feel good by simply being part of the pleasurable interaction. Inc. will only provide refunds when a particular soiree is not held, is rescheduled or some other extreme Act of God. I wish I could say it was simple, but women are complex.

Why do we often react nervously when in a flirting situation with someone we like? It’s quite simple – with someone we like, there’s a lot more to lose. We are more critical of our words and actions and put more pressure on ourselves because we really want this person to like us. In order to achieve great things, one must take great risks. When it comes to feelings, you will never reach the extreme highs that a new love interest can bring, unless you are willing to reach the potential lows as well.

What happens if a soiree is full? FLIRTING TIME soirees are selling out fast. But if a soiree is full, please check for the next soiree in your city and make a reservation! Once he has made contact, other signals that he is interested are that he asks you lots of questions about yourself and his attention is focused solely on you. He might give you a quick touch on your arm or hand.

Can I Flirt with more than one person? Of course! This is life right! You can expect to find many people who you will want to flirt with again and again.

Who is the inspiration for “Flirting With An Angel”? In Taylor’s own words: I was having a drink one night in an effort to clear my head from the days overload. I started talking to this young lady who was standing near. Nothing will get my attention faster than an intelligent conversation, that is, unless you couple that conversation with a pretty smile and a soft but clear voice. I was so blown away by the presence of this woman I cannot remember what we were talking about. Just as some people are naturally more proficient at maths, some are more adept at flirting. The good news is that as with anything in life, the more you practice, the more proficient you will become.

What if I have to cancel? There are no refunds, credits or transfers for Soirees, Forums, Workshops, Special Events or Trips.

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